PixelPepe Token

Pixel is an inseparable element in the entire image, and pepe is an animal that cannot be ignored in the entire meme world. Therefore, with PixelPepe, it is unique and a symbol of strong vitality. Contract:0x7358dd9eaa6b00a452a582f467bf48e29f3be736

About Us
About Token

The Legend of PixelPepe

The PixelPepe ecosystem is simple and easily accessible. Moreover, the ecosystem offers several advantages: rewards,gifts, NFT branded, themed videogame, branded merchandising and especially huge earnings.

Cooperative partner


Blockchain - BSC

We will still work on the BSC chain, which is the most popular blockchain with many great projects, and PixelPepe will become one of them

Taxation - 10%

Whether buying or selling, our transactions always charge an 10% handling fee, including 5% dividends in local currency and 5% marketing and team fees.

Dividend in local currency - 5%

Every transaction conducted using tokens that utilize this technique are taxed under this reward system. This implies that a piece is contributed to a liquidity pool for each transaction.

Marketing & Team - 5%

A good project requires good development. Users constantly engage in transactions to provide funding, and the official uses these funds for promotion and technology, which can lead to better development of the project.


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